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Too old for a hike!?

Good news for folks that think hiking in the mountains might be fun but also feel like maybe their chance has passed them by.  You are probably not too old to hike in mountainous terrain if you want to! When Elise and I climbed Kilimanjaro she was in […]


A Chagga holy plant

When the Roaming Parkers were in Tanzania in January 2018, our guide showed us a Dracaena fragrans (Masala) plant and told us a story about the Chagga people who regard the plant as holy.  It seems that if you come upon four Dracaena growing in a rectangle, you can bet […]

Buy experiences and memories, not stuff!

Everyone that I’ve ever read or listened to talk about a Kilimanjaro trek spoke positively of the outcomes.  Even the folks that got sick and couldn’t summit.  It is most commonly described as “life-changing,” or “transformational,” or just plain “awesome!” It is not cheap.  For the Roaming Parkers, […]

Let the mountain think about you.

Kilimanjaro is a strenuous physical challenge under fairly extreme external constraints including altitude and cold.  But despite all that, Kilimanjaro has been called, “Everyman’s Everest,” implying that most people – even ordinary people – should be able to do it. The REAL challenge to Kilimanjaro is psychological.  That […]