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Brand new and tried & true at Gulf Shores Alabama

The Roaming Parkers love Gulf Shores, Alabama – The Emerald Coast – the Redneck Riviera!  We used to go every year but we got sidetracked and haven’t been back in about 3 years. When we did return a few weeks ago, we had a blast and found it […]


Treasures in the poorest places

Just because many people in a particular location are struggling financially does not mean that place does not have anything to offer a vacationer or adventurer!  Some of the most amazing education and exploration and adventure venues in the United States are in or near some of the […]

Literary travel in the Aegean & Med

I think it would be an absolute blast to read Thucydides’ Peloponnesian War while doing some low-budget island-hopping in synch with the book. Or we could do Iliad, Odyssey, and Aeneid while walking in the heroes footsteps!  Wouldn’t it be awesome to follow Aeneas from Troy (Turkey) to […]

Our journey to the brainforest

Our bucket lists are not just full of adrenaline jockey types of activities like parachuting or mountain climbing.  There are tons of other activities in there too – some more sedate, some more cerebral activities.  Our bucket lists are really more about experience and becoming – not just […]

View from the Astoria Column

This photo totally deserves a blog post of its own!  This is the view from the observation deck of the Astoria Column. No, not that photo, though the Column itself is impressive and it sets off my rustic good looks nicely – I was actually talking about this […]