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10 chefs & food personalities that inspired me

My mom! – Anyone that can cook 3 meals per day for a family of seven every day for 40 years is a master chef! Justin Wilson – I guarantee! Irma Rombauer Emeril Lagasse – BAM! Rachael Ray Paula Dean – Everything starts with a stick of butter. […]


10 worthwhile local conservation projects

Feel the need to do something tangible to help with climate/environment? Here are 10 ongoing opportunities local to Mississippi that are totally doable and totally worthwhile! Pearl Riverkeeper Clean Sweep (September) Mississippi DOT Adopt-a-Highway Arbor Day Tree planting (second Friday in February) Christmas Bird Count (December) American Hiking […]

10 adventures we’ve not done

…yet Here are ten adventure activities that the Roaming Parkers have never done – but none of them are totally out of the question. Some of these even sound sort of intriguing… parachuting/hang gliding technical climbing SCUBA diving 5k/marathon/triathlon/pentathlon running with the bulls hot air balloon safari trekking […]