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The stars over Shira plateau

I know the Kilimanjaro stories are just barely trickling out – but don’t worry!  We have TONS of stories – probably months of stories from Kilimanjaro.  And we have lots and lots of photos.  This material is trickling right now because we are still processing – digitally processing […]


Kilimanjaro makes me gassy!

So, here’s something that you might not have read in all your pre-Kilimanjaro research – exposure to high altitude can make you feel extremely bloated and gassy.  Here’s how it works. Any gas that you get in your gut (like, for instance, eating unfamiliar foods) expands uncomfortably when […]

Tropical, sea-level, and flat

Don’t get me wrong, the Roaming Parkers loved Kilimanjaro and we had a blast on that trek, but let me give any would-be adventurers out there a bit of advice.  You probably can not stay blissfully married (like us 😉 if you schedule grueling, rigorous adventures (like Kilimanjaro) […]

Kilimanjaro is like a 3-legged pig

There was an iconic local stand-up comedian in the 1970’s and 80’s named Jerry Clower known for his uproarious stories about rural Mississippi life.  Clower was so boisterous and loud that he earned the nickname, The Mouth of Mississippi.  Clower used to tell a story about a man […]