Class-I hikes in the Colorado 14ers

There are 53 mountains in Colorado that extend above 14000 feet in height.  These mountains are called “the 14ers” and they are a perpetual draw for hikers and climbers wanting to challenge themselves. Even though all are taller than 14000 feet, some are more difficult than others.  Some […]

How to hike like a Boy Scout

Part of why we started the Roaming Parkers blog and Facebook group is because there are a lot of people who feel bogged down in a virtual rat-race and disconnected from the real, natural world – a large group of people who want to become more connected with […]

Literary travel in the Aegean & Med

I think it would be an absolute blast to read Thucydides’ Peloponnesian War while doing some low-budget island-hopping in synch with the book. Or we could do Iliad, Odyssey, and Aeneid while walking in the heroes footsteps!  Wouldn’t it be awesome to follow Aeneas from Troy (Turkey) to […]

Divine deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are tiny, bite-sized egg salads made with a mixture of boiled egg yolks, relish, and spices.  The addition of the spice (as in hot) is where they get the name, “Deviled.”  They are served inside their own boiled, halved egg whites and often presented on a […]