Kilimanjaro is excellent!

Last week I wrote about Kilimanjaro in pop culture and the likely influence that pop culture had in my desire to climb Kili. There is another pop culture reference that does not mention Kilimanjaro explicitly, but which I think bears greatly.  That is, believe it or not, Bill […]


Mere jujutsu

C.S. Lewis writes in his book, Mere Christianity , about the intersection set between the various Chistian denominations – the common ground of belief upon which we can all can agree.  Lewis proposes this “Mere Christianity” as a starting point for apologetics or evangelism or ecumenicism. Lewis is careful […]

The problem with fishing

“Fishing, if I a fisher may protest, Of pleasures is the sweetest, of sports the best, Of exercises the most excellent.  Of recreations the most innocent.  But now the sport is marred, and what, ye, why? Fishes decrease, and fishers multiply.” Thomas Bastard

Okra coffee?!?

Last week we posted an article about two crazy uses for okra that we were going to try out.  One was stir-fried okra leaves and the other was coffee made out of okra seeds!  We haven’t gotten around to the stir-fried okra greens yet, but we did try […]

Which people vacation where?

This is a really interesting tidbit from the New York Times! It makes sense that people from different areas would enjoy going different places, but how are people choosing where they go?  Why are people from the mid-south more likely to vacation in Panama when their neighbors pick […]

Algae blooms at Okeechobee

Yesterday’s quick and timely afternoon article was about how to find out if your tap water is contaminated.  Today’s afternoon news is also about clean water, and the consequences of mismanagement. An article in the Florida Sun Sentinel suggests that they are in for another year (like last […]