Two is one, and one is none!

  An outdoor version of Murphy’s Law is that anything that you actually need on an adventure will have been forgotten, lost, or broken, and anything that you don’t need will be right there in your pack for you to have to lug around the whole time. One good […]


What does wilderness mean to you?

A while back I was with a group of hikers on a trek through the Black Creek Wilderness in Southeast Mississippi.  To set the tone for a trek through an officially designated wilderness area, I asked them two questions, “What does the word wilderness mean?” and, “What images […]

10 essentials – firestarter

One of the (approximately 10) essential pieces of outdoor gear that most outdoor enthusiasts recommend taking with you on all outdoor adventures is a firestarter.  Even if you think that you’ll only be outside for a few hours, firestarters don’t weigh much and are compact.  Plus, when you […]

Clark Creek Mississippi

Here’s a nice visual preview of some of what we’re in for when we hit Clark Creek (A.K.A. Tunica Hills) this October!  Most of my hiking buddies have already done Clark Creek, but I haven’t so I’m super excited about hiking this amazing out-of-place landscape right here in […]

The goal of martial arts

A lot of times in our martial arts classes, we get hung up on throwing people down – as if that were our goal.  It isn’t.  We are not out to topple and smash – our real goal is to develop and demonstrate control – We want to develop such […]