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  • An appetite for excellence

    A brief return to the question, “Why climb Kilimanjaro?” … “Our Nation wants more than just material wealth; our Nation wants more than a ‘chicken in every pot.’ We in America have an appetite for excellence, too.  While we work… Read More ›

  • A whirlwind sampling of Richmond Virginia food

    I was recently in Richmond Virginia teaching a judo class for a couple of days.  Anyone who has ever done judo or attended a judo seminar knows that the most important consideration is always, “Where are we going to eat… Read More ›

  • Camping air mattresses

    One thing that I see a lot with beginners camping are the great big Coleman air mattresses – the queen-sized ones that take, like 20 minutes with a screaming electric pump to blow up – the kind that are always… Read More ›

  • Becoming something else instead of quitting

    I met a man once who said he’d been hypnotized to stop smoking.  It sounded interesting, so I asked him how that had worked for him and he said, “Great!” and told me the story. He didn’t say how he’d… Read More ›

  • Hitching my way through sub-Saharan Africa

    After graduating from Millsaps College, I (Elise) figured I needed to find something to do to avoid my school loans for a while.  I was not ready for grad school, nor did I have any promising career options that would… Read More ›

  • An accidental tourist at Stonehenge

    I (Elise) first traveled abroad in high school, and when the opportunity presented itself to study abroad while a student at Millsaps College, I embraced it wholeheartedly.  I spent a summer amok, I mean abroad, studying and traveling through Munich,… Read More ›

  • Fit enough to do your thing

    Some of you might know my superhero alter identity.  Nights and weekends I am Scoutmaster and Adventure Dude, but weekdays I am a mild-mannered Exercise Physiologist at a Cardiac Rehab program at a Regional Hospital. Yesterday I had the pleasure… Read More ›