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  • Naked fishing? It’s apparently a thing.

    old man fishing

    According to The Sun News, naked fishing is apparently a thing. Cambridgeshire authorities are searching for a man who has been spotted on numerous occasions fishing at Needingworth lakes in the nude. Of all the fun things in the world… Read More ›

  • Don’t make your own job harder

    You hear a lot of talk in aikido classes about being light and gentle.  It takes a long time for some people to buy into that model of martial arts practice.  It might help you to think about it like… Read More ›

  • Plastic drinking straws vs. paper or steel

    alcohol drink cocktails

    I know all of our regular readers have seen the posts here at Roaming Parkers about the terrible news about plastic trash – stats like 40% of the world’s oceans covered with plastic trash! But have any of you seen this… Read More ›

  • Mount Zion bike/hike trail, Brookhaven Mississippi

    Some buddies of mine sent me a text message tonight telling me they’d just gotten back from walking and biking the Mount Zion trail at Brookhaven Mississippi, and asking if I was aware of it.  I was not. Turns out… Read More ›

  • Peanut butter, jalapenos, and barbecue sauce!

    The teaser on our Facebook group yesterday was, “What do peanut butter, jalapenos, and barbecue sauce have in common?”  Some people hypothesized heartburn or Pepsid, and that might be totally correct, but that’s not what we were thinking about. But… Read More ›

  • 4 things you’ve never seen at Percy Quin (and 4 more that I haven’t either)

    geological survey marker "mississippi park commission quin #5"

    It’s a scavenger hunt that ends with a mystery!! Percy Quin State Park is Mississippi’s most popular State Park.  Built around 800 acre Lake Tangipahoa, the park is situated about 15 miles north of the Louisiana border on Interstate 55…. Read More ›

  • This one time, in Africa…

    I have a lot of African stories.  I know, I know – I live in rural, Magnolia, Mississippi, USA – what do I know about Africa? Quite a bit, actually, as I lived and worked there as a development worker… Read More ›