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  • Leaving on a jet plane!

    Tomorrow we’re off on an adventure! Actually, the adventure before the adventure, because the only way to get plane tickets to Kilimanjaro without spending more than $10000 per ticket is to incur incredibly long lay-overs in multiple cities. We’ll be flying… Read More ›

  • Different bucket lists for wild hairs, eventual adventures, and in-between

    The Roaming Parkers have their long-term “eventually” bucket lists like this batch of adventures or this one.  Until about 18 months ago, Kilimanjaro was probably the most vague thing on that list but here in 3 days we’re going to… Read More ›

  • What you need to know to pick a route on Kilimanjaro

    There are seven trails that lead up to the peak of Kilimanjaro but only one trail leading back down.  Each of the trails has its advantages and disadvantages, and nearly all of them would make for very fine adventures! For… Read More ›

  • Underwhelmed by really big things

    About 11 years ago, the Roaming Parkers went on an epic road-trip, and being gluttons for punishment we took the 5-year old and two exchange students! We drove through Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada –… Read More ›

  • Just fly into Kasane and hitchhike to Katima-Mulilo. No problem!

    So, this one time, in Africa… I made a pretty stupid decision about return flight arrangements – and barely survived it! Mind you, this was in the days before Google and Tripadvisor.  I had flown home to Mississippi for the… Read More ›

  • Salto del Pastor – The Shepherd’s Leap!

    This looks like a ton of fun!  Salto del Pastor is a traditional shepherd travel practice in the Canary Islands.  Basically a mashup of hiking and pole vaulting! The shepherds would carry a long pole – they look to be… Read More ›

  • Chub rub

    Chub rub, chafe, friction rub, monkey butt, crotch rot, heat rash – whatever you call this unfortunate phenomenon, you know what I’m talking about and for hikers it’s a total pain in the… ahem… nether regions! It may be an uncomfortable… Read More ›