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woman in brick room with table, chairs, window. disgusted or annoyed expression, folded arms

4 excuses southerners use to avoid camping (and how to beat those excuses!)

Each year, the Coleman company and the Outdoor Foundation publish a report on participation in camping and outdoor recreation by Americans.  It is called the Outdoor Participation Study and you can find it online via a Google search. One of the interesting results from the 2016 Outdoor Participation […]


Pearl River Clean Sweep

This weekend the Roaming Parkers and our local Scout Troop participated in the 2017 Pearl River Clean Sweep, in which volunteers went out to various sites in the 490 mile Pearl River Basin all the way from Nanih Waiya (where the Choctaw Nation emerged from the earth many […]

red spider lily (lycoris radiata) against a field of out-of-focus spider lillies

Global weirding

The weather and climate and seasons have been wacky this year! Everything budded and bloomed 3 weeks early this year. The entire summer was rainy and temperate instead of unbearably hot and muggy. But guess what has been unbearably hot?  My jalapenos from my garden are usually very […]