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The problem of popularity

A week or so ago, I posted on our Roaming Parkers Facebook Group, a time lapse video taken by the Park Service of an unending stream of traffic entering Grand Canyon National Park in what looks like 4 lanes of traffic!  I made the comment that Edward Abbey […]


Algae blooms at Okeechobee

Yesterday’s quick and timely afternoon article was about how to find out if your tap water is contaminated.  Today’s afternoon news is also about clean water, and the consequences of mismanagement. An article in the Florida Sun Sentinel suggests that they are in for another year (like last […]

Expansion of Devil’s Eyebrow in Arkansas

This place sounds like a Wonderland! Check out this verbiage from the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission – Devil’s Eyebrow Natural Area is located at the northern end of Beaver Lake along Indian Creek and its tributaries. The terrain is rugged and steep, consisting of deep, bluff-lined hollows separated […]

Sustainable fishing

Back in the day we didn’t talk about sustainability and renewability mostly because we had different words for it.  Stewardship for instance.  Nowadays some folks seem to have a hard time with stewardship, so I thought I’d put it in nowadays terminology. Stewardship means taking care of something […]