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How to deal with tomato cutworms without pesticides

Until last year, We’d never had a recognizable problem with cutworms, but last year they were terrible! Actually caterpillars, these little mis-named buggers come out at night and attack new seedlings by taking two or three bites out of the stem, cutting it down.  Then it moves on to […]


A Chagga holy plant

When the Roaming Parkers were in Tanzania in January 2018, our guide showed us a Dracaena fragrans (Masala) plant and told us a story about the Chagga people who regard the plant as holy.  It seems that if you come upon four Dracaena growing in a rectangle, you can bet […]

You never know until you go

Around this time last year, I wrote about taking our Boy Scouts on the annual Swamp Tromp hike and camping trip at Percy Quin State Park.  For several years running, this 10-mile hike has been their favorite event of the year, and now another year has rolled around and it […]