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8 tips – Make your adventures more fun!

Prepare yourself physically. Being a little more fit will give you the freedom and extra capacity to enjoy your adventure more.  The good news is that you don’t have to be Mr. Universe to be fit enough to do your thing (unless maybe you are into the most […]


No, you are not maintaining

Mid-year is not really when most folks think about making resolutions, but it might be a really good time to review your last batch of New Year’s resolutions and see how you’re doing! One problem with not being specific and systematic about resolutions is that in the times […]

Kidnapped by aliens!

You know how, after several years of marriage, two people will become so close that they finish each other’s stories?  They have both lived the same experiences for so long that they have each told the other all the jokes and amusing anecdotes they know – two or […]

Meander in my mind for a moment

Sometimes a montage of thoughts and quotes swirl around in my head until they start to grow together into an idea.  Follow along with me on this trip through the dark recesses of my mind. Someone once said, If your dream seems doable, you’re not dreaming big enough.  […]