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May is Mint Julep season

I don’t want Roaming Parkers to just become a bulletin board for random recipes so I usually try to have some amusing anecdote to go with any Food article I post, but this week I don’t really have any good story that goes along with Mint Juleps. Except, […]


Homemade spring rolls

I had a half-Vietnamese roommate in college, and his mom’s specialty (as far as we were concerned) was rice paper-wrapped egg rolls.  They were amazing! These were the first eggrolls I’d ever seen wrapped in rice papers instead of wontons.   They were crispy and flaky and light. His […]

How to build a gin & tonic fit for an expat!

In the Middle Ages, the Dutch developed gin, grain alcohol flavored with juniper berries (or even turpentine!), as a medicinal spirit to treat maladies as wide-ranging as arthritis, back pain, upset stomach, and kidney infections.  During the 16th century, soldiers drank it before battle for its calming properties, leading […]

10 essentials – water

Something that you realize fast during any outdoor adventure or any disaster situation. Water weighs a LOT! 8.3 pounds per gallon adds up fast! Emergency prep experts tell us to try to stockpile 1 gallon of water per person per day in the event of emergencies – and […]

A rib-shaped void

When I was at University in Starkville, There was this barbecue joint that we frequented.  Since then I have often said that it’s a good thing that guy closed down or else I’d be dead from cholesterol! Actually, it wasn’t even a barbeque joint.  It was just an […]