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Kilimanjaro-inspired creamy leek soup

When we were at Kilimanjaro in January 2018, we were helped along the way by Chief’s Tours’ expert team of guides, strongmen (we were told they didn’t like being called porters), and cooks. Cook is not a sufficient title for the skill and expertise of Mateo.  He was […]


May is Mint Julep season

I don’t want Roaming Parkers to just become a bulletin board for random recipes so I usually try to have some amusing anecdote to go with any Food article I post, but this week I don’t really have any good story that goes along with Mint Juleps. Except, […]

Homemade spring rolls

I had a half-Vietnamese roommate in college, and his mom’s specialty (as far as we were concerned) was rice paper-wrapped egg rolls.  They were amazing! These were the first eggrolls I’d ever seen wrapped in rice papers instead of wontons.   They were crispy and flaky and light. His […]

How to build a gin & tonic fit for an expat!

In the Middle Ages, the Dutch developed gin, grain alcohol flavored with juniper berries (or even turpentine!), as a medicinal spirit to treat maladies as wide-ranging as arthritis, back pain, upset stomach, and kidney infections.  During the 16th century, soldiers drank it before battle for its calming properties, leading […]

10 essentials – water

Something that you realize fast during any outdoor adventure or any disaster situation – water weighs a LOT! 8.3 pounds per gallon adds up fast! Emergency prep experts tell us to try to stockpile 1 gallon of water per person per day in the event of emergencies – […]