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Interchangeable summer squash & pumpkin

Some years back in the middle of the summer, one of my patients brought me a pie.  A yellow squash pie!  I’d never heard of such a thing but she reassured me that it was the really the same thing as a pumpkin pie even though she’d used […]


Homemade spring rolls

I had a half-Vietnamese roommate in college, and his mom’s specialty (as far as we were concerned) was rice paper-wrapped egg rolls.  They were amazing! These were the first eggrolls I’d ever seen wrapped in rice papers instead of wontons.   They were crispy and flaky and light. His […]

Okra coffee?!?

Last week we posted an article about two crazy uses for okra that we were going to try out.  One was stir-fried okra leaves and the other was coffee made out of okra seeds!  We haven’t gotten around to the stir-fried okra greens yet, but we did try […]