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Untying knotty problems in aikido and judo

For most knots, you cannot untie them by pulling on the free ends.  In fact pulling against the knot creates greater internal friction and allows the knot to bind tighter.  So how do you untie a knot? You untie a knot by pushing the ends together, creating so much internal […]


Small fall 2016 adventures

A few days ago I published a sampling of just a few of the craziest, grand adventures that the Roaming Parkers want to do eventually, but it can’t be all moon shots all the time! There have to be some smaller-scale adventures interspersed in there – day hikes […]

Tokio Hirano, the judo master

There was this judo master named Tokio Hirano that some folks say was the greatest judo technician in history.  When he moved from Japan to Europe in the early 1950s he developed the habit of challenging all the black belts in whatever towns he visited to matches – […]