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Tropical, sea-level, and flat

Don’t get me wrong, the Roaming Parkers loved Kilimanjaro and we had a blast on that trek, but let me give any would-be adventurers out there a bit of advice.¬† You probably can not stay blissfully married (like us ūüėČ if you schedule grueling, rigorous adventures (like Kilimanjaro) […]


Kilimanjaro is like a 3-legged pig

There was an iconic local stand-up comedian in the 1970’s and 80’s named Jerry Clower known for his uproarious stories about rural Mississippi life.¬† Clower was so boisterous and loud that he earned the nickname, The Mouth of Mississippi.¬† Clower used to tell a story about a man […]

Lava Tower and down to Barranco

  One of the more famous features on the southern and western Kilimanjaro routes is the Lava Tower.¬† It is what is called a Lava Plug and it formed when magma was ejected through a vent and cooled forming a plug and stopping the vent – just like […]

Londrossi Gate and Lemosho Glades

The first day of a typical Lemosho route hike is typically a stop at Londrossi gate on the western side of Shira, and a short hike from Lemosho Glades to Mti Mkubwa (the Big Trees Campground.)¬† The way we figured it would happen was something like… We will […]

Leaving on a jet plane!

Tomorrow we’re off on an adventure! Actually, the adventure before the adventure, because the only way to get plane tickets to Kilimanjaro¬†without spending more than $10000 per ticket is to incur incredibly long lay-overs in multiple cities. We’ll be flying jetBlue from New Orleans¬†to New York, where we […]