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Messner on the intersection of life and adventure

This is an interesting documentary about the famous mountain climber, Reinhold Messner.  The whole thing is interesting and worth watching, but the part that struck me as blog-worthy today starts at about 38:36 into the video. Messner is talking about why we go on adventures, what adventure is, […]


Chief’s Tours

Several days into our Kili trek, after we’d gotten to know our guides a bit, our Head Guide, Washingtone,  asked me, “Why is it that you chose Chief’s Tours for your trek?” It was a good question.  There are dozens, if not hundreds of tour operators guiding treks […]

It means no worries!

We told our guides and porters that of all the 50 United States, the one where we come from (Mississippi) is known as The Hospitality State.  But the Tanzanians we met and especially the people of Chief’s Tours taught us about a higher level of hospitality. The Tanzanian […]

Let the mountain think about you.

Kilimanjaro is a strenuous physical challenge under fairly extreme external constraints including altitude and cold.  But despite all that, Kilimanjaro has been called, “Everyman’s Everest,” implying that most people – even ordinary people – should be able to do it. The REAL challenge to Kilimanjaro is psychological.  That […]

The stars over Shira plateau

I know the Kilimanjaro stories are just barely trickling out – but don’t worry!  We have TONS of stories – probably months of stories from Kilimanjaro.  And we have lots and lots of photos.  This material is trickling right now because we are still processing – digitally processing […]

Kilimanjaro makes me gassy!

So, here’s something that you might not have read in all your pre-Kilimanjaro research – exposure to high altitude can make you feel extremely bloated and gassy.  Here’s how it works. Any gas that you get in your gut (like, for instance, eating unfamiliar foods) expands uncomfortably when […]