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Why do I like hiking?

  Somebody asked a while back, “Why do you like hiking?”  Even though there are a lot of fun benefits to hiking, it didn’t take me too long to come up with my top answer. I like hiking because that is the speed at which human mind interacts […]

Buy experiences and memories, not stuff!

Everyone that I’ve ever read or listened to talk about a Kilimanjaro trek spoke positively of the outcomes.  Even the folks that got sick and couldn’t summit.  It is most commonly described as “life-changing,” or “transformational,” or just plain “awesome!” It is not cheap.  For the Roaming Parkers, […]

Chief’s Tours

Several days into our Kili trek, after we’d gotten to know our guides a bit, our Head Guide, Washingtone,  asked me, “Why is it that you chose Chief’s Tours for your trek?” It was a good question.  There are dozens, if not hundreds of tour operators guiding treks […]

It means no worries!

We told our guides and porters that of all the 50 United States, the one where we come from (Mississippi) is known as The Hospitality State.  But the Tanzanians we met and especially the people of Chief’s Tours taught us about a higher level of hospitality. The Tanzanian […]