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western breach - the most dangerous route on kilimanjaro

Death on the Western Breach – Kilimanjaro’s trail from Hell

Some people call Kilimanjaro, “Everyman’s Everest.”  As far as big name mountain climbing goes, Kili is relatively tame.  It is a non-technical mountain, meaning that you do not need special skills and equipment like ropes and crampons.  Uhuru peak, while high, still has 40-50% oxygen pressure so most […]


The alien face of Furtwangler

I posted the above photo of the Furtwangler glacier a while back.  Do you know why the face of the Furtwangler glacier takes on this strangely sculpted, almost alien, look (as opposed to the more fractured look like the following photo of a glacier in Patagonia)? I was recently […]

Kilimanjaro seen above the Serengeti

40 days

40 days is a significant period of time.  Noah was in the ark for 40 days.  Jesus was in the wilderness 40 days.  Moses was on the mountain 40 days.   Muhammed was in a cave for 40 days,  Goliath talked smack about the Israelites for 40 days before […]

Counting Down…41 Days

11/24/2017  “Black Friday” – The Roaming Parkers went for the Opt Outside! Instead of participatng in the Black Friday shopping orgy today, we took a mini day trip to Wilkinson County and hiked a few miles through Clark Creek in Pond, Mississippi.  After hiking we stopped in the […]