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Kilimanjaro is like a 3-legged pig

There was an iconic local stand-up comedian in the 1970’s and 80’s named Jerry Clower known for his uproarious stories about rural Mississippi life.  Clower was so boisterous and loud that he earned the nickname, The Mouth of Mississippi.  Clower used to tell a story about a man […]


Londrossi Gate and Lemosho Glades

The first day of a typical Lemosho route hike is typically a stop at Londrossi gate on the western side of Shira, and a short hike from Lemosho Glades to Mti Mkubwa (the Big Trees Campground.)  The way we figured it would happen was something like… We will […]

Leaving on a jet plane!

Tomorrow we’re off on an adventure! Actually, the adventure before the adventure, because the only way to get plane tickets to Kilimanjaro without spending more than $10000 per ticket is to incur incredibly long lay-overs in multiple cities. We’ll be flying jetBlue from New Orleans to New York, where we […]

How to pick a route on Kilimanjaro

There are seven trails that lead up to the peak of Kilimanjaro but only one trail leading back down.  Each of the trails has its advantages and disadvantages, and nearly all of them would make for very fine adventures! For the Roaming Parkers’ 2018 Kilimanjaro Trek, we chose […]