Category: Mountaineering

Mount Saint Helens erupted May 18, 1980

Today is the anniversary of the 1980 eruption of Mount Saint Helens in southwest Washington State.  This is one of those amazing events that everybody that was teenage or older at that time will remember from the dramatic news footage. Last year we got to visit Washington State […]


Too old for a hike!?

Good news for folks that think hiking in the mountains might be fun but also feel like maybe their chance has passed them by.  You are probably not too old to hike in mountainous terrain if you want to! When Elise and I climbed Kilimanjaro she was in […]

Class-I hikes in the Colorado 14ers

There are 53 mountains in Colorado that extend above 14000 feet in height.  These mountains are called “the 14ers” and they are a perpetual draw for hikers and climbers wanting to challenge themselves. Even though all are taller than 14000 feet, some are more difficult than others.  Some […]

Mount Kosi is calling me!

Ok, yeah.  It’s official. I’m feeling the call of the mountain again.  This time it is Mount Kosciuszko in New South Wales, Australia.  It will be much tamer than Kilimanjaro, but still some exercise and beautiful scenery and a fabulous destination!     If you want to read […]