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You want me to hike where!?!

This makes the second article that I have seen recently promoting Israel and/or the Palestinian Territories as a great place to go for a vacation.  First, there was this article that lists the Palestinian Territories in the top 10 tourist destinations in the world. Then this article from the Middle East Monitor pops […]


How to layer for cold weather hiking

Even in the deepest South of the United States, it can get cold enough to make winter adventures unpleasant or even deadly.  But a little bit of knowledge and the right clothes and equipment can make all the difference and can extend your adventure season throughout the winter! […]

Counting Down…41 Days

11/24/2017  “Black Friday” – The Roaming Parkers went for the Opt Outside! Instead of participatng in the Black Friday shopping orgy today, we took a mini day trip to Wilkinson County and hiked a few miles through Clark Creek in Pond, Mississippi.  After hiking we stopped in the […]

A point of hiking etiquette and safety

One irritating and sometimes even dangerous thing that happens when you are hiking in the woods with newbie hikers is that they’ll get a tree branch or vine hung on their clothing as they pass and they’ll just bull straight through the obstruction, at which point the tree branch […]

ABCs of hiking

Hiking is one of the most accessible of outdoor activities.  It can be done almost anywhere with very little specialized gear and almost no prior experience or training.  Most every hiker learns their hike-craft by doing it and by gleaning knowledge through direct experience or by talking to […]