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Harry’s Ridge at Mount Saint Helens

Time is drawing nigh!  At the end of June we’ll be flying to Portland to experience the Pacific Northwest firsthand after hearing so much about this amazing place! So far, the agenda includes a day-hike at Mount Saint Helens, perhaps on this Harry’s Ridge trail, and another day […]


Was it a hike or a swim!

A couple of years ago I took a group of Boy Scouts hiking at Percy Quin State Park.  We did the 8-mile Nature Trail all the way around Lake Tangipahoa and had a blast despite lots of wet crossings and bridge and boardwalk damage from Hurricane Isaac.   […]

Who is this Dixie person anyway?

For some months now, I’ve been a member of a Backpacking group on Facebook called, Homemade Wanderlust.  For most of that time I’ve been a lurker, quietly absorbing whatever backpacking wisdom they put out. But you know what a glut of information FB can be.  It’s like drinking […]

10 essentials – water

Something that you realize fast during any outdoor adventure or any disaster situation. Water weighs a LOT! 8.3 pounds per gallon adds up fast! Emergency prep experts tell us to try to stockpile 1 gallon of water per person per day in the event of emergencies – and […]

5 mistakes new hikers make

Hiking and backpacking are great ways to get some exercise and reconnect with a more natural lifestyle, but there are some pitfalls that can cause beginners to stumble and eventually give up on hiking.  Watch out for… Buying a bunch of stuff that you don’t need Hiking is probably the most accessible […]

You never know until you go

Around this time last year, I wrote about taking our Boy Scouts on the annual Swamp Tromp hike and camping trip at Percy Quin State Park.  For several years running, this 10-mile hike has been their favorite event of the year, and now another year has rolled around and it […]