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National Fishing & Boating week

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks celebrated National Fishing & Boating week by designating this past weekend as Free Fishing days, where the public could fish in public waters with no license, no fees, and no limits! To commemorate Take Me Fishing Day, the Roaming Parkers […]


The problem with fishing

“Fishing, if I a fisher may protest, Of pleasures is the sweetest, of sports the best, Of exercises the most excellent.  Of recreations the most innocent.  But now the sport is marred, and what, ye, why? Fishes decrease, and fishers multiply.” Thomas Bastard

Sustainable fishing

Back in the day we didn’t talk about sustainability and renewability mostly because we had different words for it.  Stewardship for instance.  Nowadays some folks seem to have a hard time with stewardship, so I thought I’d put it in nowadays terminology. Stewardship means taking care of something […]

How to pan fry fish

Well, the first step in pan frying fish is obviously to catch a mess of fish.  It just so happens that recently the Roaming Parkers got word of a  spot where the fish were biting!  A buddy of ours went to this spot and caught 80 fish and […]