The Roaming Parkers love to read – especially books about Travel, Adventure, Conservation, and Food!  Come on back to this page often, because we’re always adding new books for you to flip through.

Travel Books

On this shelf we keep books about travel, especially foreign, scenic, exotic, sightseeing, tourism, travel guides, and that sort of thing

Elise is the Roaming Parker with the most international travel by far, and she is emphatic that the only guides that will give you the straight facts and get you where you want to go are Lonely Planet guides. This is the edition of Lonely Planet Tanzania that we have been studying up on and that we’d recommend to anyone planning a Kilimanjaro trek or a Serengeti safari.

For a Kilimanjaro-specific guidebook most everyone that I’ve read online agrees that there is no better resource than Stedman’s Kilimanjaro Trailblazer Guide.

Adventure Books

On this shelf we keep books about Adventures – especially anything outdoorsy, including hiking, canoeing, backpacking, mountaineering, cycling, and that sort of thing.

The Sky Below is an interesting account of a guy who is a doctor, a mountain climber, an astronaut, and an Olympic athlete (among other things).  Seriously, this guy has done more things than Forrest Gump!  Click here for a slightly more in-depth review.

Mississippi Solo, by Eddy Harris, is the true adventure story of a man that decides to solo canoe the length of the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca, Minnesota all the way to New Orleans, Louisiana – 2300 miles!  The only problem is he’d never done any canoeing or camping before!  Click here for a more detailed review of Mississippi Solo.

If you are going to be canoeing any of the navigable waterways in Mississippi, then Canoeing Mississippi, by Ernest Herndon, is the indispensable guidebook that you need to make the most of your trip.  Click here for a more detailed review of Canoeing Mississippi, or click here for several other excellent guides for canoeing in the southern United States.

Conservation Books

On this shelf we keep books about Conservation – especially nature, ecology, sustainability, Leave No Trace, and that sort of thing.

The Edge of the Sea, by Rachel Carson is a fascinating, close-up look at how the violent, ever-changing boundary between ocean and land affects the wildlife that tries to survive at that boundary.  Coastal ecology of the Atlantic seaboard of the United States is not as famous as her Silent Spring.


Food Books

On this shelf we keep books about Food, especially foreign or ethnic traditional food, restaurant reviews, gardening, healthy eating, recipes, and that sort of thing

Each of the Roaming Parkers has their own interests, and one of Ellen’s specialties is cooking.  She enjoys cooking shows on TV and has loved the cooking shows that she’s been to in person.  When she asked the local librarian for a cook book for kids, the librarian couldn’t find one so she went home and brought Ellen one of her old cook books that she’d had for years, and Ellen has been cooking her way through the book!  Click here to see come video of Ellen doing the Champion Chili from the Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book.

Guide to Mississippi Vegetable Gardening by Walter Reeves is specific to Mississippi, but the information is almost certainly applicable to neighboring states as well.  Reeves covers weather/climate, USDA hardiness zones, rainfall, and insect control – all related to growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, and nuts.  Click here for a review of a bunch of great gardening books.