BEST OF 2017-2018

The Roaming Parkers are all about Travel, Adventure, Conservation, and Food! If you like those things too, then check out our first year of great content in each category!



Roaming Parkers love to travel – whether it is by road or rail, foot or flight!  Check out some of the amazing places we’ve been!

We are all about challenging ourselves to use our bodies and minds to directly experience as much of this amazing Earth as we can.





We believe as you experience more travel and outdoor adventure, you naturally become more ecologically aware.  Roaming Parkers promote an ethic of sustainability and stewardship

We love to eat! Especially foreign, exotic, or ethnic cuisines.  There is no better way to connect with new people in a deeply human way than to share their food.

Food is also important because it fuels our adventures and our conservation work and a healthy diet will help us to live long, productive lives.



A great place to start exploring The Roaming Parkers’ Travel is to explore our embedded adventure map below!  Click on a pin and it’ll pop up a link to the article(s) about that particular adventure!