The Roaming Parkers want to live a life of travel, outdoor adventure, conservation, and healthy food, and we want to call you toward that lifestyle.

We think there are a LOT of people who feel like they are bogged down in the virtual, online, rat race

We want to help you get unstuck from the rat race and reconnect with a more real, more natural, more sustainable, and more adventurous lifestyle.

Or, if you are already way ahead of us on that journey we want you to help us!

Meet the Roaming Parkers



Born Elise Drom-Goole Harrell in Florence (7th generation Drom-Goole, the first of her name), South Carolina, to Michael and Betsy Harrell. Marriage didn’t last, mom moved home in a dramatic fashion, back to Magnolia, MS. I have mostly lived here ever since, mom never remarried. Grew up a latch-key kid, only child in a public school.

Successful high-school years. Very social, competitive. Traveled to Europe for the first time as a Junior. Graduated high school with honors, attended elite, private college with scholarship. Went Greek, studied abroad, waited tables, worked in college library and English department. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English, 7 months later moved to Africa.

Served as a volunteer in Namibia, Africa, for two years teaching English in the Caprivi. Hitch-hiked a lot. Contracted malaria, survived; worked holidays on safari, survived; tracked lions, ran from elephants, got chased by a rhino, swam with hippos and fished for tiger fish. Hiked, biked, fished, adventured – did more good for myself than for the students I was to teach!

Returned to America intent to work in Japan. Met Pat a few days after returning home, realized God had a different plan for me.

Eleven months after returning from Namibia, I got a new name, a new job, a new home, and started a new degree. Today I am Elise D. Parker, M.Ed., Christian wife and mother of five.

I am an educator, a professional studio photographer, and a scout leader; if I had free time I would read more books and bike everywhere.

 Born in McComb MS, 5th boy child

Schooled at MHS, excelled at Science and Literature, but otherwise didn’t thrive in a public school.  I’ve wished many times as an adult that I’d been homeschooled, but homeschooling wasn’t even a thing back then.

Tried a lot of activities as a kid – baseball, football, drama, band – but nothing especially excited me I got into Boy Scouts, and then later, martial arts.

College was a succession of studies, including Computer Science, Exercise Physiology, and Healthcare Management.  I wound up with a job in Cardiac Rehabilitation that has kept the bill collectors from sending the knee-breakers after me.

But it wasn’t until my oldest son got involved in Scouts and I ended up re-joining the Scouts that I remembered what I wanted to be when I grew up – a Naturalist and a writer.

The Roaming Parkers are all about


…especially foreign, scenic, exotic, sightseeing, tourism…


…hiking, canoeing, backpacking, mountaneering, cycling…


…conservation, ecology, sustainability, Leave No Trace…


…especially foreign or ethnic traditional food, restaurant reviews, gardening, healthy eating, recipes…



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