Who are the Roaming Parkers?

The Roaming Parkers, Pat & Elise Parker of Magnolia Mississippi, are a traveling, scouting, blogging, photographing, food-loving family who promote all things outdoor and adventure!  We live a life of travel, outdoor adventure, nature conservation, and healthy, interesting food – and we would love to have you along with us!

Since we started the RoamingParkers.com blog, our stories, articles, and photographs have been featured all over the world in publications such as…

Unplug and reconnect with us

In the past couple of years, we have met a LOT of people who feel disconnected from the real, natural world and bogged down in a virtual, online, rat race.

For these people, the ideas of outdoor adventure travel, healthier eating, and nature conservation resonate greatly.

If you feel that way, we would love to help you get unstuck and to reconnect with a more real, more natural, more sustainable, and more adventurous lifestyle.

Or, if you are already way ahead of us on that journey we need you to help us!

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Meet the Roaming Parkers!


Coolest Destinations
Kilimanjaro, Savannah, Mount Saint Helens, Pere Marquette, Hoover Dam

Favorite AdventuresMartial arts, hiking/backpacking

Environmental Triggers – Light & noise pollution

Favorite FoodFried fish, gluten-free, ketogenic

Also known for – GardeningExercise Physiology

Coolest DestinationsKilimanjaroNamibia (Africa), Stonehenge, Prague, Long Beach Washington

 Favorite AdventuresCycling, fishing

Environmental TriggersPlastic trash

Favorite FoodSushi, eclectic desserts

Also known for – Photography, Homeschooling


Coolest Destinations – Europe, Costa Rica, Disney, Amsterdam’s Red Light District

 Favorite Adventures – Hang gliding, spelunking inside a glacier

Environmental Triggers – Littering

Also known for – Being a grammar-Nazi



Coolest Destinations – Caribbean Cruise, NYC

 Favorite Adventures – Climbing, canoeing, 67-mile Shiloh Battlefield hikeKODIAK Death March

Environmental Trigger – Littering

Favorite Food – Pizza, pescetarian


Coolest Destination – Gatlinburg

 Favorite Adventures – stand-up paddleboard, 50-mile canoe trek

Environmental Trigger – graffiti

Favorite Food – Spam, pizza


Coolest Destination – Orlando

 Favorite Adventures – soccer, day hikesovernight camping

Environmental Trigger – graffiti – especially initials carved into trees

Favorite Food – Ice cream, funnel cake


Coolest Destination – Gulf Islands National Seashore

 Favorite Adventures – cycling, Renaissance FestEnvironmental Trigger – deforestation