Through the night & back in time

The Roaming Parkers are not just world-travelers – we are also time-travelers!

As we were embarking on our recent trip to Greece I realized that we were actually taking a trip back in time. Then a few weeks later we traveled those same mysterious pathways back in time when we attended the Marine Graduation ceremonies at Parris Island, South Carolina

Because we got much cheaper airfare flying to Greece from Atlanta than from New Orleans, we decided to leave late the night before and drive through the night to arrive at Atlanta 2-3 hours before flight time – plenty of time to negotiate TSA and etc.

When I asked Google for driving directions to get to Atlanta airport and I saw the route it chose, I realized we were not only driving through the night – we were travelling backward in time!

During both trips (Greece and Parris Island), our route took us through the deepest of the deep South, beginning near Jackson Mississippi and continuing past the 1960’s trauma of Selma and Montgomery Alabama and on past the 1940’s horror and heroism of Tuskegee Alabama.

On our second trip back in time, we continued beyond 1940’s Alabama to Parris Island Marine Recruit Depot with its beginnings in the Autumn of 1915 and even earlier.

Back to our first trip back in time (the Greece trip) – our driving route took us beyond Selma, Montgomery, and Tuskeegee, past the horrific Andersonville prison to the 1860’s of Atlanta Georgia

But our trip back in time didn’t end there! Our flight itinerary took us from Atlanta to Philadelphia, the birthplace of the American ideal.

When we stepped off the plane in Greece, we plummeted back through Greek Orthodox Christian, Ottoman, Byzantine, Roman, and Greek antiquity all the way to the neolithic era.

Living in a country where it is a real stretch to find anything older than about 1812 or perhaps 1776, it was dizzying to walk in and around buildings and examining artifacts (and even ephemera), some of which might have been 15 times older than our country!


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