8 tips – Make your adventures more fun!


Prepare yourself physically. Being a little more fit will give you the freedom and extra capacity to enjoy your adventure more.  The good news is that you don’t have to be Mr. Universe to be fit enough to do your thing (unless maybe you are into the most insanely extreme of outdoor adventures).  A little bit more physical fitness will buy you a lot of extra capacity for outdoor adventure.

Study up before you go – It can be casual, like watching a youtube or reading a magazine or doing a google search, but a little bit of studying will pay dividends in motivation and skills.

Take the 10 essentials – Or at least consider them.  Remember how mom always had a giant purse with whatever you needed, like some sunscreen (even though you hadn’t figured to be out in the sun long) or a snack (even though you shouldn’t have been hungry).  The 10 Essentials is a pretty good starting point for things to consider taking with you any time you go outdoors.

Never go on an outdoor adventure with only one option for fun.  That’s how you end up driving for hours then having your fishing trip rained out.  Always plan more activities than you have time to do, that way if one takes less time than you thought or is cut short or something happens, you can fill your time with the other and still have an awesome time!


If your outdoor activity has to do with environmental conservation, then chances are, it will have a dirty, sweaty, strenuous part.  Consider pairing your less pleasant outdoor activities with a more fun one. For example, if you are clearing limbs off a trail or cleaning up storm damage, maybe you can have a bonfire afterward.  If you are doing trail maintenance, take a set of lightweight hammocks for an afternoon siesta.

Similarly, if your outdoor adventure involves roughing it or something strenuous or mentally or emotionally taxing – make sure you add in a little easy fun for relax and recovery.  If you are pack camping in the outback, finish your trek up with a nice hotel stay and restaurant.  When you get back down from Kilimanjaro there are massage therapists that you can book to get all the kinks and sore muscles loved on.  After stressing and stretching your limits, pamper yourself (and your adventure mates) a little bit.


Good food makes everything better – especially cooked-out food.  a picnic after a strenuous day, a cracker barrel before a cold night.  Something besides ramen noodles from your backpack boiled in river water.

Share the story – Take photos and notes before, during, and after.  When you get home, talk it out with your adventure mates.  What was the best part, the worst part?  Lessons learned?  Try to massage it into an actual story form with a beginning, middle, end – a real hero-villain conflict type story.




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