What does adventure mean to you?

Adventure is kind of a nebulous idea.  What does it even mean?  What qualities does an activity have to have in order to count as an adventure?  Does it have to be outside?  Does it have to be far away from home in some exotic place?  Does it have to be dangerous?

I’m sure most everyone has their own ideas about what makes an adventure, but a day or two ago a buddy of mine posted his definition of adventure and I thought, “That’s the best explanation I’ve ever heard!” His definition pretty much covers it all! :

“Adventure is when we know we’re going to go have some fun but we’re not sure exactly when and where and how the fun is going to happen.”
That pretty much covers it all.  Basically, adventure = fun + surprise.

You set out to have some fun but don’t sweat the small stuff but instead, rely on your skills and strength and brains to work your way through any unforeseen obstacles till you see where and how the fun crops up. To answer the above questions – Does it have to be outside? No, but it could be. Does it have to be far away from home in some exotic place? No, but that is an option. Does it have to be dangerous? NO! Hopefully, it’s not so dangerous that it is foolhardy.  You can still plan ahead to mitigate the foreseeable hazards but still leave some leeway for some adventure to wriggle its way into your activity.


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