Lots of worlds left to conquer!

The story goes that Alexander of Macedonia, after he’d conquered most of the known world, looked out over his domain and wept because, “There were no more worlds left to conquer.”

It doesn’t look like the Roaming Parkers will have that problem anytime soon!

Check out this custom Google Map of our Roaming Parkers adventures.  You can zoom and pan around and see…

  • US States that we have visited –  The states we have visited are marked in green, while the ones we have yet to visit are marked in red.
  • World countries that we have visited – same color scheme – green=visited, red=never been there.
  • Locations of specific adventures – The pins are specific adventures.  Past adventures are blue and upcoming adventures have red pins.  If you click on a pin it will give you a link to our blog content about that adventure.  How cool is that!?

This map gives a great overview of our past conquests at a glance and it is a fantastic tool for plotting our upcoming bucket list ideas.

I see a whole lot of red out there – the world (and even just North America) is chock full of places we haven’t been.  That’s awesome because it means we have a lot still left to do!

I heard another quote one time that there’s not much that is more useless and sad than a bookshelf full of books you’ve already read – much better would be to have a bookshelf full of lots of books you haven’t yet read!

Travel and adventure is the same way!