Get a clue, Penn State!

This past April the big news for a few days was that Penn State had put the kibosh on the PSU Outdoors Club, a student organization that promoted outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking.

According to Penn State University, it is too dangerous for young adults to do things like go for a walk in the woods.

“This is a result … of an assessment of risk management by the university that determined that the types of activities in which [the Outdoor Club] engages are above the university’s threshold of acceptable risk for recognized student organizations.”

rugby-1335770_960_720Apparently, Penn State was just fine with students playing hockey or rugby or football on campus, and it would be perfectly acceptable for the students to watch movies or listen to lectures about the outdoors – but it is too risky to actually go camping.  This got Penn State University thoroughly ridiculed throughout the world for a while until the furor died down.


Now, this has rolled across my desk – a University that understands the benefits of outdoor adventure!

University of Florida’s Rec Sports department has released their Fall 2018 offerings for outdoor adventures in which they encourage students to participate.

The list includes stand-up paddleboarding, trail running, kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, canoeing, hiking, backpacking, and camping – in all, DOZENS of scheduled outdoor adventures!

I know where I’d rather attend school or send my kids to attend school.  Penn State should take a lesson from the Florida Gators.




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