4 news articles that caught our attention this past week

The Roaming Parkers are all over the topics of travel, adventure, conservation, and food!  A few of our fun articles you might have missed out on this past week –

We stay on top of news about travel, adventure, conservation, and food pretty well, but we can’t always write about every topic that we think is interesting or important.

Here are a handful of articles from the past week or two that caught our interest but we haven’t gotten to write about.


These are the top 10 travel destinations on earth, according to 100,000 young people “Millennials would rather spend money on travel than buy a house, and this summer, they’re traveling more than any age group. They’re also spending their travel dollars on beautiful places — or, at least, they want to…”


Why We Went On An Adventure To Live In Mexico (And Maybe You Should, Too) “If you’re a Baby Boomer raised in the U.S. or Canada, there’s a pretty good chance you and I have a lot in common. … With some variation, we progressed through common experiences at school, jobs, marriage(s) and perhaps kids, and most of us went on to live fairly normative lives to where we are now—middle aged…”



Study Discovers Just 13 Percent of World’s Oceans are “Wilderness” “Those marine areas that can be considered ‘pristine’ are becoming increasingly rare, as fishing and shipping fleets expand their reach across almost all of the world’s oceans, and sediment runoff smothers many coastal areas” … most remaining wilderness is unprotected, leaving it vulnerable to being lost…”


RICH-PEOPLE FOOD HAS CHANGED RADICALLY SINCE THE EARLY 90S “Lobster, caviar, truffles, veal dishes, and rich chocolate desserts…” [has given way to] “various juices, tonics, and supplements promising to boost everything from your brain power to your sex life”