Fried fish Fridays where!?!?

It would be a stretch to call fried fish even remotely healthy, but it is definitely a staple pretty much everywhere in the world.  The Brits love their fish & chips, and you’ll pretty much always find a pan-fried trout of some sort at any Asian place you go to – but it seems like Mississippians and Louisianians elevate fried fish to an especially esteemed place on the cultural menu.

I have posted several times about fried fish, including a piece on how to pan-fry fish and a funny story about how I went into fried fish culture shock when I went off to University.  Today I’ve brought you a (perhaps) unusual recommendation for the best place to get a plate of fried catfish when you are in or around McComb, Mississippi.

My recommendation for the best fried catfish in McComb is probably pretty far down on your list of places to try.  I’m about to write some heresy here and it might get me shunned by some of the icons of southern cuisine in Pike County, but…


On weekdays, Days’ Inn right on Interstate 55 at Delaware Avenue (Mississippi Exit 17) has a buffet-style lunch and on Fridays, their buffet includes BBQ ribs and fried fish.

Hotel buffets are typically known for large quantity and marginal quality, so you probably wouldn’t expect great fish, but Days’ Inn fried fish is really good. They take large fillets and fry them up crispy.

In fact, (here’s the heresy) it’s probably the best fried catfish to be had anywhere around here!

They also have BBQ ribs on Fridays and you can always get a nice, fresh salad bar (the other thing I like about Day’s Inn) but the fish is really worth the trip.

If you have a hankering for good fried fish and you are near Delaware Avenue in McComb on a Friday, I’d recommend the Day’s Inn buffet.



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  1. I used to eat there from time to time, but haven’t been in a long time. I think it’s time I go back!