7 food goals to make this the best summer ever!

You’ve probably noticed that people often associate special foods with particular holidays or seasons – the smell of pumpkin pie in the autumn, cooking Christmas candy with Mom, each family member has a special favorite birthday cake – the list goes on!

Well, summertime is here and it has its own set of foods and food-related customs here in the southern U.S.

Here is you a checklist of food-related summer activities to make this the best summer ever!  The Roaming Parkers have not done every single one of these, but you can bet we’ll be trying to check them all off this summer!


  1. Eat bacon and tomato sandwiches at every opportunity.
  2. Make Orange Crush Pineapple Sherbet in a hand-cranked ice cream freezer
  3. Have a BBQ with friends.
  4. Catch a mess of fish and have a fish fry with friends
  5. Drink mint juleps (or lemonade or iced mint tea)
  6. Cool a watermelon underwater while swimming, then split it and share with friends!  While you’re at it you might have a greased watermelon contest or a no-hands watermelon eating contest!
  7. Have a jalapeno picking at the end of the summer and make Cowboy candy.  This will give you plenty of time for the peppers to mellow properly so that you can dress the jars up and give them as Christmas gifts!



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