National Fishing & Boating week

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks celebrated National Fishing & Boating week by designating this past weekend as Free Fishing days, where the public could fish in public waters with no license, no fees, and no limits!

To commemorate Take Me Fishing Day, the Roaming Parkers slipped over to Percy Quin State Park to take the eldest daughter fishing.  We were enthusiastic and optimistic – we even took a cooler full of ice and a fillet knife to clean the multitudes of fish we planned to catch.

We fished off the dock near the marina and didn’t see much action.  We drowned a bunch of crickets and worms but Ellen’s tiny bluegill was the only fish we caught.  Ellen says it was the first fish she’s ever caught (how can that be!?) – we need to take her to Bayou Dulac and let her catch a couple of redfish the size of her leg!

The anglers on the pier with us said they’d only caught about two the size of Ellen’s fish, though one boy that was wandering around the pier said he’d caught 2-3 forearm-sized fish off the bank near that fishing pier that morning (sounds like a fish tale to me).

But a bad day of fishing beats a good day spent most other ways.

If you missed out on Free Fishing Days in Mississippi this past weekend, you don’t have to wait too much longer for another one.  July 4th will also be a Free Fishing day where you can fish without a license (although park fees will be in effect).

Also, put it on your calendar – National Fishing & Boating week is the 9-day (2-weekend) period starting the first Saturday in June, and the MDWFP usually designates the first weekend as Free Fishing Days!