Interchangeable summer squash & pumpkin

Some years back in the middle of the summer, one of my patients brought me a pie.  A yellow squash pie!  I’d never heard of such a thing but she reassured me that it was the really the same thing as a pumpkin pie even though she’d used yellow crookneck squash instead of pumpkin.

Indeed, it was delicious! I couldn’t tell any difference.

zucchini-849614_960_720.jpgAround here, we usually use summer squash in savory dishes, like sweating them down with onion or cutting them into planks and dusting them with creole seasoning and grilling them, or scooping them out into canoes and stuffing them with sausage and rice.

We have so many of these umami uses for summer squash that we don’t think of using it as filler or fiber in a sweet dish like a pie.

The same sort of prejudice goes the other way too.  Occasionally you’ll see someone prepare a pumpkin soup (it’s even hard for us to wrap our heads around that one) but I’m pretty certain that you could prepare the exact same soup from yellow squash or from zucchini!

Or even from pattypan squash or mirlitons!  Squash are really versatile and interchangeable!

The Roaming Parkers love squash and grow loads of them every year, but this year Ellen declared that in addition to our usual yellows, zucchinis, and pattypans, we would be growing pumpkins.

I’ve never had any success with pumpkins, but if we can get these to produce, I suspect we’ll be eating plenty of pumpkin soup and squash pie during the late summer into autumn!

Here are some recipes I figure to try out sometime soon…





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