May is Mint Julep season

I don’t want Roaming Parkers to just become a bulletin board for random recipes so I usually try to have some amusing anecdote to go with any Food article I post, but this week I don’t really have any good story that goes along with Mint Juleps.

Except, one of my co-workers is going to the Kentucky Derby this weekend because it is on her bucket list.

The Kentucky Derby is pretty much just an excuse to wear big sun hats and drink mint juleps – so I guess that’s a good enough reason to declare May to be Mint Julep season and post a recipe.

You don’t have to actually wear a hat or watch horse races to enjoy this signature Southern cocktail.  The recipe is super easy.

First, you pluck a handful (10-12) of leaves off a mint bush and drop them into the bottom of a tall Tom Collins glass.  Add a couple of teaspoons of granulated sugar on top of that and muddle the mint and sugar together until it is a green paste.  Add a splash of seltzer water and swirl it around.

To finish the Mint Julep, add crushed ice and pour the glass about half full of bourbon and half with seltzer water, and have a rocking chair ready on the porch before you begin drinking.

Here is an amusing video from Alton Brown about how to make a perfect Mint Julep.

“Lackluster muddling leads to lackluster Juleps.  Don’t let that happen to you!”



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