Month: May 2018

5 great things to do with New Orleans’ favorite vegetable – the mirliton

Pronounced something like “me-lay-taw” in New Orleans, the mirliton is known by many other names throughout the world including chayote, cho-cho, christophine, choko, and vegetable pear.  This wrinkly green squash is the fruit of the sechium edule plant. If you have never heard of this thing, don’t feel bad – I […]


Kidnapped by aliens at Potkopinu

In South Mississippi and adjoining Louisiana, at least as far as the Roaming Parkers are concerned, hiking and camping are seasonal activities.  I guess you could call us fair-weather hikers, and 90+ degree heat, 90+ percent humidity, ticks, mosquitoes, and poison ivy do not count as fair-weather. This […]

Mount Kosi is calling me!

Ok, yeah.  It’s official. I’m feeling the call of the mountain again.  This time it is Mount Kosciuszko in New South Wales, Australia.  It will be much tamer than Kilimanjaro, but still some exercise and beautiful scenery and a fabulous destination!     If you want to read […]

Kidnapped by aliens!

You know how, after several years of marriage, two people will become so close that they finish each other’s stories?  They have both lived the same experiences for so long that they have each told the other all the jokes and amusing anecdotes they know – two or […]