Adventure is a sign of incompetence, but…

Recently I watched this NOVA episode about Jon Krakauer and Conrad Anker climbing Vinson Massif from the wrong side (the incredibly, radically steeper side) because a lot of people climb Vinson from the easier side but no one had ever climbed that mountain from the steep side.


The whole film is really interesting and worth watching if you get a kick out of exploration or extreme field science.  At the end, there is this great quote by the famous polar explorer, V. Stefanson.  I know that my personal outdoor adventure muse, Ernesto, will enjoy this one –

“Adventure is a sign of incompetence.” Stefanson was a guy who bragged that he never had adventures. He said that if you have an adventure, you’re doing something wrong, that if you really plan things out in the vein of Amundsen, you don’t have adventures. (Now, having said this, Stefanson relates sort of proudly how he almost got ambushed by a polar bear. Stefanson had plenty of adventures!)



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