Messner on the intersection of life and adventure

This is an interesting documentary about the famous mountain climber, Reinhold Messner.  The whole thing is interesting and worth watching, but the part that struck me as blog-worthy today starts at about 38:36 into the video.

Messner is talking about why we go on adventures, what adventure is, and what is the difference between adventure and regular life.

“The intersection of life and adventure is never very far away in a discussion with Reinhold Messner.

A profession, you learn in school, you learn in university, and afterward, you handle it.  You get a diploma and you can work with it.  Adventure is totally different. 

You can only learn it by doing it and you are not ever a professional because you never know everything.  You need in adventure the unknown, and if there is unknown you cannot know to handle it.

So you are faced in each adventure again with new problems and on the spot, you have to decide and do it; to survive, to die, to handle it.”



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