Lava Tower and down to Barranco


One of the more famous features on the southern and western Kilimanjaro routes is the Lava Tower.  It is what is called a Lava Plug and it formed when magma was ejected through a vent and cooled forming a plug and stopping the vent – just like a giant zit on the face of Kilimanjaro!

Sometimes when this happens, pressure builds up until there is a violent explosive eruption, but this did not happen on Kibo, so we are left with a spectacular Lava Tower!  Let’s hope that this pimple doesn’t ever pop – at least not while people are around it!


Today we will hike up from Shira Camp #2 to Lava Tower at 15190 feet and then on past it into the Barranco valley to camp at 12960 feet.

This climb high, sleep low approach is said to promote better acclimatization and more restful nights (one of the symptoms of altitude sickness is insomnia).  And we’ll need all the rest and recharging we can get before we have a go at the 300-meter Barranco wall tomorrow!


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