Across the Shira Ridge to Shira Camp #1

shira_plateau.jpgAbout a zillion years ago, a pair of volcanoes developed on a nearly east-west line in what would eventually become Tanzania.  These two volcanoes came to be known as Mawenzi (the eastern one) and Shira (the western one).  A third volcano, Kibo, grew up between the two older volcanoes and eventually poured lava down into Shira’s crater, filling it and turning it from a crater into a plateau.

Today, we will make our way from the Big Trees Campground, out of the rainforest to the west of Shira into the moorland, across Shira ridge and downward to Shira camp #1 on the western edge of the plateau that used to be Shira Crater.

This will be a 7.5 mile, 5-hour hike, mostly moorland and semi-desert, in which we gain about 2200 feet to camp at 11485 feet.




Categories: Adventure, Mountaineering


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