Spending a night (or 2 or 3) at JFK airport in New York City

So, if everything went as planned, we left New Orleans about 5:30 on the 3rd and ended up at JFK at about 9:30 that night – with nothing to do at JFK for12 hours!

I feel like Viktor Navorsky from The Terminal!

Update from JFK: So, there’s this “winter storm Grayson” thing chewing its way up the east coast, so our first flight was rerouted around all that and came in to JFK from the west northwest.  It was a mostly smoothe flight but it added about an hour. So it’s a 10 someodd hour layover instead of 12.

We’re trying to acclimate to Tanzania time on the way over there, so right now its about 10am. For breakfast we drank a cold can of chicken tortilla soup (Yes, TSA will let you carry on canned foods).

But what really does tweak the TSA guys is when you bring a couple of gallon bags full of granola bars.  They are allowed but they have to be individually swiped and scanned by the sniffer machine! INDIVIDUALLY!

We checked two of our bags to NYC so we wouldnt have to drag them around but we didn’t want to risk checking them to Africa so we had to leave the secure area to pick them up at Baggage claim.

That means TSA is gonna have to swab and sniff each of those granola bars again!




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