You want me to hike where!?!


This makes the second article that I have seen recently promoting Israel and/or the Palestinian Territories as a great place to go for a vacation.  First, there was this article that lists the Palestinian Territories in the top 10 tourist destinations in the world.

Then this article from the Middle East Monitor pops up on my radar announcing that Israel has authorized a hiking trail through the West Bank and the Golan Heights!


I consider myself moderately adventurous.  But the war-torn nether regions of the middle-east would be pretty far down my list – right along with North Korea.

Would you go out of your way to go for a hike in the Palestinian Territories?


UPDATE January 2018: A friend recently told me that he’d seen program promoting tourism in Israel in which Benjamin Netanyahu himself promised to personally lead your tour if you would come visit Israel.  I think that would be super cool!  I’d definitely go if Netanyahu were my tour guide because I’d feel more assured about security and because, well, because the Prime Minister of the country would be my guide!



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