Counting Down…41 Days

11/24/2017  “Black Friday” – The Roaming Parkers went for the Opt Outside!

Instead of participatng in the Black Friday shopping orgy today, we took a mini day trip to Wilkinson County and hiked a few miles through Clark Creek in Pond, Mississippi.  After hiking we stopped in the Pond country store, then detoured to Centerville for a quick run into the Camp Van Dorn WWII museum.

Good to know – Clark Creek is a very popular hiking destination for all ages, including people with dogs!  There is a $4 Honor Box parking fee, which we didn’t know about, but luckily I had a stash of quarters in my backpack.  We really thought the place would be deserted on the “biggest shopping day of the year,” but were pleasantly surprised by the hoardes of people who were hitting the trails instead of the malls.  It is a very clean trail, we only picked up a few pieces of trash that we happened across on the path.  When we left, there were probably 40-50 cars, and the parking lot only holds about ten.  There are many ups and downs, and the posted trails are not very useful.  It is beautiful hiking, but probably a hot, slippery mess in a Mississippi summer.

After hiking we stopped in the Pond country store, it was a real treat.  It has not changed much since I last visited, at least 35 years ago!

We’d seen a Camp Van Dorn sign driving to Clark Creek, so on the way home we decided to stop and see if it was open.  On a missed turn we discovered Anne Moody Street!  This was really neat, as my older students just this week finished her book, Coming of Age in Mississippi41 20

Though she was about to close early, we were just in time to catch a curator at the Camp Van Dorn WWII museum.  It has some really amazing pieces, all of which have been donated by people who were stationed or trained there.  For four years it was a very large compound, and actually held German and Austrian POWs.

My legs feel like jello – all of the uphill conditioning I have been working on (3-5 days per week, 90 minute workouts) have been great (I was so proud of myself for my consistent uphill trekking), but the DOWN hill walking had my legs shaking half a mile in.  NOTE TO SELF: include downward walking in Kili conditioning!

41 days!