A whirlwind sampling of Richmond Virginia food

I was recently in Richmond Virginia teaching a judo class for a couple of days.  Anyone who has ever done judo or attended a judo seminar knows that the most important consideration is always, “Where are we going to eat between classes!”  Well, I had a wonderful sampling of some of Richmond’s finest eateries!

For a quickie lunch between classes, we did Chick-fil-a take-out and I had chicken nuggets and fries.  Okay, maybe this doesn’t count as Richmond’s finest, and it is certainly not unique to Richmond, but it kept us from starving to death till we could get done with the afternoon class!

For the evening meal, we did Thai.  Specifically, Ruang Tong Thai Cuisine.  At all the review websites this place consistently gets between 4 and 4.5 stars out of 5, and its reputation is well deserved.  The food was fabulous, the service was fast, and the environment was clean and quiet.

This was my first time eating at a Thai place and I was wary about the spicy factor so I ordered conservatively. I had a spring roll, spicy veggie fried rice, and two Dogfish Head IPA. The spring roll was the cleanest, freshest-tasting that I’ve had anywhere and the Dogfish Head IPA (not sure if it was the 60-minute or 90-minute variety) but it was totally my favorite IPA ever – not too hoppy and not too citrusy – just right! The rice – it was veggie fried rice – nearly impossible to mess up.  It was tasty and spicy but not overdone.

For dessert, we hit an ice cream place – Gelati Celesti, and I had a couple of scoops of the salted caramel ice cream.  It was remarkable, and the place lives up to its motto that is chalked on the wall – “Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos!”

By the end of that day, I was knackered from the long flights and the judo practice, so I took a 14-hour nap and took a couple of vitamin-N pills and woke up ready to go!

That morning we had another fabulous class and did lunch at Crossroads Coffee and Ice Cream – a great sandwich shop!  I had a Caesar salad and a coffee smoothie – another light and conservative lunch since we had to be back on the Judo mat soon after.  some of the other guys had chicken salad and tuna salad sandwiches that looked fantastic!

After all the Judo was over and done, during our trip to the airport, we called in an order for a pound of brisket and some fries at Buz and Ned’s BBQ, and just like everything else during this trip – it was perfect!  Buz and Ned’s looks like the sort of place that deserves two or three prolonged return visits!

I’m totally going to have to get to Richmond more often, and make a few return trips to each of these places to check the consistency of their excellence!


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