Month: November 2017

green algae bloom in a river

Nitrates and carcinogenic pollution in the Pearl River Basin

Some time back there was a vigorous discussion on Roaming Parkers Facebook Group about algae blooms and fishkills and dead zones caused primarily by nitrate runoff from farms (fertilizer, animal poop, and blood) washing into Okeechobee in Florida or down the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico. […]


The alien face of Furtwangler

I posted the above photo of the Furtwangler glacier a while back.  Do you know why the face of the Furtwangler glacier takes on this strangely sculpted, almost alien, look (as opposed to the more fractured look like the following photo of a glacier in Patagonia)? I was recently […]

Kilimanjaro seen above the Serengeti

40 days

40 days is a significant period of time.  Noah was in the ark for 40 days.  Jesus was in the wilderness 40 days.  Moses was on the mountain 40 days.   Muhammed was in a cave for 40 days,  Goliath talked smack about the Israelites for 40 days before […]

Counting Down…41 Days

11/24/2017  “Black Friday” – The Roaming Parkers went for the Opt Outside! Instead of participatng in the Black Friday shopping orgy today, we took a mini day trip to Wilkinson County and hiked a few miles through Clark Creek in Pond, Mississippi.  After hiking we stopped in the […]

A point of hiking etiquette and safety

One irritating and sometimes even dangerous thing that happens when you are hiking in the woods with newbie hikers is that they’ll get a tree branch or vine hung on their clothing as they pass and they’ll just bull straight through the obstruction, at which point the tree branch […]