Dad said, “Keep a journal.”

Back in the day, as I was growing up, my dad offered me a piece of advice – keep a journal.  Of course I didn’t listen to him, but I should have.

home-office-336373_960_720Years later, I’ve found what works for me even better than journaling is blogging, because it combines the reflection and composition aspects of journaling with the accountability and transparency of publishing or public speaking.

Here are Seth Godin and Tom Peters, two of the biggest of the big names in blogging, talking about what blogging has done for them.

I heartily recommend you join the conversation, as Seth Godin puts it in the video. There has never been a better time than now for you to start journaling!  If you’re not a writer there are these things called video-blogs (vlogs) or audio logs (podcasts).  And if you’re not interested in the learning curve associated with WordPress or Blogger, Facebook makes it easy with instant videos!

If you still don’t think blogging or vlogging or podcasting or journaling are for you, I encourage you to engage with the Roaming Parkers blog or Facebook group because you’ll get some of the same benefits as if you were blogging yourself!

Here are three ways that you can engage with the Roaming Parkers to reap some of the benefits of blogging without having to go to all the trouble yourself.

  1. Newsletter sign-up – Go to the sign-up form and sign up for the occasional email newsletter.
  2. FB Group sign-up – Go find the Roaming Parkers Facebook group and join!  You’ll get Facebook notifications of all the posts here on and there are thousands of folks there on the FB group engaged in that group.
  3. Comment and Share – Whenever you see something on the Roaming Parkers blog or FB group that is especially interesting to you, join the conversation by leaving a comment either here or on Facebook.  Then hit the Share button and send it to your friends along with a couple of sentences of commentary about why you thought it was so great.

You’ll be helping us out by spreading the love around, but you’ll also be taking that first step toward joining the conversation of ideas with a blog of your own!


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