How to plant a survival garden

shutterstock_491150020-768x512A great article just came across my desk about how to plant a survival garden. Mostly what you’d expect if you’re experienced, or even just familiar, with gardening – except for a couple of points.

Growing fruit trees on a trellis

I really like the welded wire trellis mounted against the brick wall in the photo. This is a great space-saver, and I’ve read about using similar arrangement to trellis things that you’d never expect, like melons (drop the developing melons into nylons and tie them to the trellis to prevent them from tearing the vines down.) and even fruit trees have been grown flat on trellises like this.

Some plants can suppress others!

The second interesting thing was this quote –

Keep in mind that there are some vegetables that just cannot grow next to each other, so keep those in mind when planting. For example, potatoes can inhibit the growth of tomatoes and squash, and beans can inhibit the growth of onions.

I vaguely remember that plants can inhibit each other, but I didn’t consider this year this might be why my onion crop failed utterly.


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