Camping with your dog

Today the Roaming Parkers are pleased to have a guest post with an infographic and some additional resources from Aurora James at about bringing your dog camping with you!  Aurora believes there are no bad dogs. She created to share her dog training tips and advice to dog owners everywhere. She enjoys teaching dogs the etiquette to be a “good dog” wherever they go. She shares her dog training knowledge at

dog-689685_960_720When you go camping, you are communing with nature, making yourself a part of the natural world like an early explorer. Your dog would love to be there, too. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your four-legged best friend sniffing along the trail with you? Take a few safety precautions and you’ll have an excellent time!


Additional resources for camping with your dog





Camping is better with your dog!

So now that you know how to be safe, start planning your next trip with your pal. He’ll love swimming in lakes, helping you fish, hiking the trails and chilling by the campfire. At the end of the day, he’ll curl up next to you in your tent and keep you warm.


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