Best steak on the planet!

I am on a mission!  I am searching for the best rib eye steak blackened medium-rare on the planet!  I have been on this mission for quite a while and have had several very good ones – but I’m still looking!

I know this is highly subjective and the experiment is confounded by a lot of variables, like how far you have to travel, and who you are eating with, and whether or not the server is having a lousy day, but…

Here are a few of the contestants in my personal contest and the absolute most memorable steak I’ve ever eaten!


Bob’s Steak & Chop Shop, Dallas, Texas

Bob’s Steak and Chop Shop in Dallas is a slick and fancy restaurant with expensive steaks and all that,  so you might expect that this is where I could have found the finest steak on the planet –  but it was really not that memorable.

Actually the only thing I remember about my meal was the salad – a slab of beefsteak tomato with red onion and crumbly cheese on top with a vinaigrette.  That was a really good tomato, but can’t really recommend going to a fancy, expensive steak place where the only memorable menu item is a slice of tomato.

Dixie Springs Cafe, Summit, Mississippi


A far less famous place that had a far more memorable steak was the late, great, Dixie Springs Cafe in Summit Mississippi.  Dixie Springs, despite being a small, out-of-the-way place was my benchmark in my search for the best ribeye blackened medium rare on the planet…


until it burned down just before Christmas of 2015! Not only did we lose a great steak place, but we lost a landmark associated with lot of great memories.  Virtually all the locals I know was disheartened when Dixie Springs burned.

I was eating a blackened ribeye at Dixie Springs when I got down on a knee and proposed to Elise.  It freaked her out that I would get down on my knees in such a crowded place, so she said yes in a hurry to get me back in my seat and end her mortification.  But we both meant it and it has stuck!

There has been some talk about some new owners rebuilding and rebooting Dixie Springs – but so far as I can tell, it’s just been talk.

Anthony’s Good Food Market, West Point, Mississippi

Another fantastic eatery that is associated with both great memories and great steaks is Anthony’s Good Food Market! Anthony’s is probably the best thing that tiny West Point Mississippi has going for it! Anthony’s is easily one of the finest establishments in east-central Mississippi, and it’s probably one of the best in all of Mississippi.

This was the Roaming Parkers’ favorite restaurant during our years at Starkville and at West Point – and it was where I ate a most amazing steak. The steak that I’m talking about was perfectly blackened, medium rare, and was topped with a spicy crawfish sauce.

One of Anthony’s cool quirks was that you could not buy wine there, but you could bring your own bottle and the waiter would open and pour it for you.  We took a rare bottle of Rancho Zabaco Shiraz that a friend had given us as a wedding present.

The wine tasted of oak and blackberry and was seriously spicy.  Paired with the blackened, crawfish-topped steak it was beyond perfect!

Unfortunately that wine is no longer available from Rancho Zabaco, but Anthony’s Good Food Market is still going strong and the Roaming Parkers are always looking for a good excuse to take a road trip to West Point to eat there!


The Majestic, Kansas City, Missouri

So far, this is the steak by which all others are measured.

I was in Kansas City, Missouri at a convention and upon the recommendation of a concierge, I walked down the street to The Majestic to get a steak and it was like falling down a rabbit hole into a beefy Wonderland!

I had the 10 oz dry-aged KC strip, blackened medium rare, and it was amazing!  It almost had the consistency of butter.  I could have cut it with a butter knife – or perhaps even with the edge of the fork!

This steak actually almost made me vegetarian!  It was so perfectly sublime that I could not bear to eat another steak for 3-4 years until the memory of the KC strip at The Majestic had faded!

I guess the lesson to take away from all this is that a steak doesn’t have to come from a famous and crazy-expensive place to be amazing.  Do you have any nominations for a great steak – particularly for my Best Rib Eye Blackened Medium Rare On The Planet Contest?


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